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Our Portfolio: Showcasing Our Successful Collaborations

Welcome to our portfolio, where CodeLucky proudly presents a collection of successful collaborations with clients across various industries. Each project reflects our commitment to innovation, quality, and delivering exceptional results.


Explore the projects that exemplify our expertise and dedication to digital excellence. From web development and software solutions to consultancy and marketing campaigns, our portfolio showcases a diverse range of successful collaborations.


(Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

Our collaboration with WorldFxClub.com involved creating a dynamic website for a trading teaching business based in Dubai, UAE. The website serves as an engaging platform for trading education, providing valuable insights and resources. We designed an intuitive user interface and integrated essential features to offer an informative and seamless experience for users. This project highlights our ability to translate unique business goals into a visually appealing and functional digital solution.


(Ontario, Canada)

For the Trust House Immigration project, we had the privilege of developing a comprehensive website for an immigration business based in Ontario, Canada. Our collaboration involved creating a user-friendly online platform that showcases the services and expertise of Trust House Immigration. We meticulously designed the website, ensuring a seamless user experience and easy navigation. From developing captivating content to implementing functional forms, we aimed to provide visitors with a clear understanding of immigration services. This project underscores our commitment to crafting tailored digital solutions that align with the unique goals and needs of our clients.


(Canada & India)

Our collaboration with NoorImmigration.com led us to create a comprehensive website for an immigration business. Based in Canada and India, this project involved developing an informative and user-friendly platform that showcases the expertise of Noor Immigration. We crafted a visually appealing design and implemented functionality that simplifies the immigration process for visitors. From providing detailed information about immigration services to integrating user-friendly forms, we aimed to create a seamless experience. This project highlights our dedication to delivering digital solutions that empower businesses to connect with their target audience effectively.



Our collaboration with Goodly.co.in entailed a complete website redesign for a platform dedicated to Excel enthusiasts. Goodly.co.in specializes in crafting informative blog content and offering Excel-related courses. We embraced the opportunity to revamp their online presence, creating a modern and engaging website design that aligns with their Excel-focused niche. The redesign showcases their blog content prominently, making it easy for visitors to access valuable Excel insights. Additionally, we ensured seamless integration of their course offerings, providing a user-friendly experience for those interested in enhancing their Excel skills. This project underscores our ability to transform digital platforms and enhance user experiences through thoughtful redesigns.

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